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5 Steps for Following God’s Plan for Your Special Needs Child


“…The problem with pounding a square peg into a round hole is not that the hammering is hard work. It’s that you’re destroying the peg.”— Paul Collins

I can only imagine how many days my children felt like square pegs being shoved into round curriculum holes. Looking back at those frustrating years of home schooling, I now realize my driving pursuit toward “normal” were wasted time and energy against God’s unique plan for their lives.

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Homeschooling an Active Learner in Winter


One of the most difficult times of the year to home school an active learner is the winter. Why do I know this? Because I home schooled two active learners through 11 Minnesota winters. Teaching in those conditions was taxing, but it resulted in learning experiences my teenage boys fondly remember. Although Texas winters are not as harsh as those in Minnesota, there are still days where the weather is sure to keep you and your kids inside more than you would like. Here are some of my top recommendations for ways you can redirect your child’s wiggles into memorable learning adventures.

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Should You Homeschool Your Special Needs Child?


Therapy visits, doctor appointments, and hospital stays are an everyday part of a medically fragile child's life. Add in school and juggling this hectic schedule becomes even more challenging.

While access to public school services may sound like a great option, the required extra meetings and possibility of truancy trouble adds unneeded stress to the family environment. Thus, many parents of medically fragile children find that home schooling is a better choice for their child.

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How to Find Therapy for Your Homeschooled Special Needs Student


Many special needs children receive therapy as part of their daily public school regime. Special needs home schooling students are no different, but their parents often find the mixed messages from therapy professionals, insurance companies, and their local school districts difficult to navigate on their own. Thus, many times these parents contact the THSC Special Needs Department to help them determine the best route to securing the best therapy for their child.

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How to Get Help for Your Special Needs Student as a Homeschooler: Special Needs Record Keeping


Last month I was excited to share with you how to teach the five basic Texas required home school subjects in relation to specific special needs diagnoses. This month, as promised, I am sharing specific ways special needs home schooling parents can keep records to help track all the work and progress of their special needs home schooling student.

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5 Simple Activities for Your Kids on Memorial Day


In 2014 we had a memorial service for my uncle Dan. Danny or “Dano,” as the men in his unit called him, was a quiet man of great strength. He was a man of honor and resolve, of precision and fortitude. When the armed forces needed someone to fly a “secret mission,” Dano was recruited. On many occasions, our family would not know he had been involved until he was safely home. Medals, ribbons, and certificates are usually proudly displayed for all to see, but not by Uncle Danny. He wasn’t much on the fanfare and did not thrive on praise. What drove him was the satisfaction of a job well done. While watching the grandeur of his military service, I couldn’t help but think that he would be embarrassed by all the fuss. He was a quiet giant. My point is simply this: Had the Air Force not recognized his quiet strength and strong resolve, he probably would have sought after those missions on his own.

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How to Build Your Own Special Needs Support


As our family has home schooled the past nine years, I have encountered many parents who bemoan the lack of a desired support group. Often, they are aware of available support groups that are not [...]

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Homeschooling Your Special Needs Student With an IEP


Last month, this series focused on resources and concern that many special needs children in Texas are falling through the cracks of the public school’s Individual Education Program (IEP) evaluation process. From that blog, our readers and THSC members responded with many replies and calls to our special needs department wanting to share their stories or asking for assistance in helping their children avoid becoming one of those statistics. As always, your stories touched my heart. So, I decided to share some of them as a segue into the companion topic that we will be talking about this month, IEPs for the home school.

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