About Ashley Lawson

Ashley Lawson is the customer relations manager for THSC. She loves the Lord and her family with all her heart, and she loves being a part of the amazing homeschool journeys of Texas families. Ashley is currently homeschooling, and runs a small business with her husband. She has served as treasurer and director of her homeschool co-op, school board trustee and secretary, VBS director, as well as serving with various church committees. Ashley and her husband Mike have six children and two grandchildren. She enjoys reading, being outdoors and spending time with her family.

Be a LEADER: Time Management Strategies that Work


Home school group leaders have the tremendous job of multitasking! Leaders tackle an array of tasks every week ranging from housework, errands, finances, meal preparation, church ministries, extracurricular programs, part-time jobs and running home school groups. Additionally, we are wives and moms, and we are teaching our children! I am continually amazed when I talk to leaders who balance all of these things, and yet still take the time to mentor a new home school mom or have a cup of coffee with a dear friend. What are these leaders’ secrets?

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