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Tim Lambert
Tim LambertTHSC President
Tim Lambert is president of the Texas Home School Coalition, the largest state advocacy organization for home school families in the country.

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Stephanie Lambert
Stephanie LambertTHSC Executive Director
Stephanie Lambert was home schooled before home schooling was officially legal in Texas. Her parents had a vision for instilling strong values and providing a quality education to their four children.

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Jeremy Newman
Jeremy NewmanDirector of Public Policy for THSC
Jeremy is a home school graduate and has been involved in home schooling from an early age when his family moved to Texas from California.

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Nathan Macias
Nathan MaciasFormer Texas State Representative & Retired Lt. Colonel, USAF
Nathan Macias is a native of San Antonio, earned a BS in civil engineering from Texas A&M in 1982, and has three Master’s Degrees: MBA, MPA, and MEd.

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Stephen Howsley
Stephen HowsleyHomeschool advocate
As a writer, public policy analyst, and lobbyist for the Texas Home School Coalition, Stephen has been working for THSC since 2015.

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Joshua Newman
Joshua NewmanHomeschool advocate
Joshua Newman, a home school graduate and avid writer, is passionate about bringing the Christian worldview into state and national politics.

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Chris and Bev Parrish
Chris and Bev ParrishHomeschool advocates
Chris and Beverly love to encourage families in this great adventure of home schooling!

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Peggy Ployhar
Peggy PloyharHomeschool & special needs expert
Peggy Ployhar, the CEO of SPED Homeschool, is a frequent writer, speaker and blogger on special education homeschooling issues.

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Don and Karen Stroud
Don and Karen StroudHomeschool advocates
Don and Karen have a deep appreciation for the values of responsibility, independence, and the freedom of Texas parents to personally direct the education of their children.

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Kyle Workman
Kyle WorkmanHomeschool advocate
Kyle Workman is a devout Christian, father of four homeschooled children, lifetime member of THSC, as well as a member of the THSC Advisory Committee.

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Ashley Lawson
Ashley LawsonHomeschool advocate
Ashley Lawson is the customer relations manager for THSC. She loves being a part of the amazing homeschool journeys of Texas families.

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Keith Conn
Keith ConnHomeschool advocate
Keith Conn believes in the value of homeschooling for its merits and as a small-scale version of the entrepreneurial spirit that made this country great.

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Michael Berry
Michael BerryAfghanistan veteran & Fmr. Adjunct Professor of Law at the United States Naval Academy
As a recognized subject-matter expert on religious liberty within the military, Michael has testified before Congress and he is routinely invited to speak across the nation.

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Ben Weible
Ben WeibleAttorney & homeschool advocate
Ben is involved locally in the Rockwall community and is an advocate for family rights and individual liberty. A master electrician by trade, he spent 15 years in the construction industry before becoming a lawyer.

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