Often the biggest hurdle in starting to homeschool a special needs student is finding the best curriculum. Flexible, multi-sensory, and adaptable elements to pre-packaged curriculum are best for teaching students with learning difficulties.

Keep These 7 Things in Mind When Choosing Special Needs Curriculum

  1. The five basic subjects required for all homeschooled students in Texas are reading, writing, grammar, math, and good citizenship.
  2. Focus on finding curriculum for the basic required subjects first.
  3. Pick a curriculum that fits the needs of your student, your teaching style, and the logistics of your home school environment.
  4. A child who expresses interest in using computers or handheld devices does not always equate to a child who will succeed well with a computer or app-based curriculum.
  5. Teaching subjects at your student’s cognitive level will greatly improve comprehension.
  6. Many curriculum providers offer a free trial period to evaluate your student’s starting level for each subject and the overall fit of the curriculum to your schooling.
  7. Good citizenship is not rigidly defined as a subject nor are there many curriculum products written specifically for this category. Electives like government, social studies, social skills, therapy, and volunteering opportunities are often used to meet this subject requirement.

The list below represents a handful of personal favorites. For a more comprehensive list of special needs curriculum recommended by other Texas special needs home schooling parents, visit the special needs section of THSC.org.





Good Citizenship

Full Curriculum Package Options:

(covers all the 5 basic subjects in one package)

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