In 2014 we had a memorial service for my uncle Dan. Danny or “Dano,” as the men in his unit called him, was a quiet man of great strength. He was a man of honor and resolve, of precision and fortitude. When the armed forces needed someone to fly a “secret mission,” Dano was recruited. On many occasions, our family would not know he had been involved until he was safely home. Medals, ribbons, and certificates are usually proudly displayed for all to see, but not by Uncle Danny. He wasn’t much on the fanfare and did not thrive on praise. What drove him was the satisfaction of a job well done. While watching the grandeur of his military service, I couldn’t help but think that he would be embarrassed by all the fuss. He was a quiet giant. My point is simply this: Had the Air Force not recognized his quiet strength and strong resolve, he probably would have sought after those missions on his own.

As home educating parents, we have a very important mission as well. The mission is to seek out activities that support our efforts to home school, and challenge our children to expand their knowledge. Memorial Day is a great opportunity to learn about our armed forces and the fight for our country’s freedom.

Here are five ideas to help you celebrate Memorial Day with your children, even if you haven’t planned a thing!

  1. Bring out the color! Have a scavenger hunt around your house or neighborhood. See who can find the most red, white, or blue items. Consider giving a score to items of different colors, awarding a prize for the highest combined total. Red items receive one point; blue items, two points; and white items, three points.
  2. Make a thank you card. As simple as it sounds, veterans around the state would love to know that you are thinking of them. Many of our country’s veterans have lost a friend, a fellow serviceman, while serving our country. Sending a thank you card addressed to the veterans receiving care or support at the local veterans administration office will make them feel appreciated and remembered.
  3. Review the history of the American flag. Take time to review the history of the American flag, why we honor it, and why our troops defend it. Websites such as and have wonderful information on our national flag.
  4. Visit a veterans cemetery or museum in your area. Spend time as a family walking through the cemetery or museum, noting family names, dates, or events. Pray for the families of the quiet giants you see remembered there.
  5. Choose a favorite story. Our boys have absolutely LOVED a book by Marilyn Boyer entitled, Portraits of Integrity. The stories of those who fought and died for our country simply can’t be overlooked. Follow each short story with a prayer of thanksgiving. (There is also a downloadable e-version of this book for quick access. You could continue this character study each day of the summer to keep minds fresh and good character qualities building. Each short story takes only a few minutes to read and ends with a few questions to use as a discussion point.)

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate those who have given their lives for our freedom–standing in the gap for our personal comfort, freedom to speak our thoughts and desires, and most importantly, the freedom to worship, to worship without fear.

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