Withdraw Your Child from Public School in Texas

This free form will automatically generate a withdrawal letter that you can email to your child’s public school to withdraw Your Child from Public School in Texas.  This form is only for current students of Texas public schools. If your child has never attended Texas public school, you do not need to use this form. Learn more about How to Homeschool in Texas.

  1. You should send the letter this form generates to the public school before you begin to homeschool. Begin homeschooling the next school day after sending this letter. This will prevent the school from charging you with truancy.
  2. Sending this email to the public school completes the withdrawal process. It is not necessary to go to the school or to call school officials to withdraw your child(ren).
  3. If the school subsequently contacts you and says that you must do more (e.g., come to the school office, fill out a form), do not go to the school. Instead, respond by email or mail with a letter of assurance.
  4. Complete all of the fields in the form below. Call the school district or public school to get any information you need for the “School Info” section.
  5. Submit this form and then check your email. Further instructions on how to send the withdrawal letter will be included in the email, and the withdrawal letter will be attached. Please check your junk or spam folders if you do not see the email within a few minutes
  6. Follow the links in the email to learn how to begin homeschooling.

Congratulations on your decision to take your children’s education into your own hands! Texas Home School Coalition will be here to support you in this journey every step of the way.

Withdraw Your Child from Public School in Texas Form

State: TX