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Jeremy Newman became Director of Public Policy for THSC in Fall 2013. Jeremy is a home school graduate and was homeschooled from an early age when his family moved to Texas from California. The third of six children, Jeremy now lives with his wife, Addi, and his two sons, Wyatt and Declan, in Dallas. Jeremy got his Juris Doctorate degree from Oak Brook College of Law and he currently teaches Lincoln-Douglas debate in the NCFCA, a national home school speech and debate league.

Court Calls Ethics Commission’s Bluff in Suit by THSC


The 3rd Court of Appeals released a ruling in THSC’s lawsuit against the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC), ending THSC’s nearly five-year-long battle with the abusive agency. Although the court seemed to split the proverbial baby, procedurally, it ultimately handed THSC and other Texas nonprofits a win.

Court Calls Ethics Commission’s Bluff in Suit by THSC2019-08-15T11:26:22-05:00

Families Forced Into CPS (Without Due Process Protections)


THSC has written several times this year about improvements being made to the Child Protective Services (CPS) system to protect the due process rights of Texas families. However, families are still able to be forced into CPS without due process being followed.

Families Forced Into CPS (Without Due Process Protections)2019-08-15T11:26:33-05:00

2013 Legislative Year in Review


2013 Regular Legislative Year in Review During the spring 2013 legislative year, the THSC Watchmen sifted through 9,721 pieces of legislation and tracked over 125 bills—about 100 more bills than the previous session—so that you [...]

2013 Legislative Year in Review2019-08-15T11:45:31-05:00

Parental Rights Terminations


A task-force report from the Children’s Commission agrees with THSC and recommends abolishing the current procedures for CPS parental rights termination cases. These procedures are slanted in favor of CPS; abolishing these would be a key safeguard for Texas families.

Parental Rights Terminations2019-10-18T20:27:38-05:00
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