May 2020


May 27, 2020—How Can We Protect Families From Judges Who Refuse to Follow the Law? May 13, 2020—Do Modern-Day Progressives Hate Homeschooling? May 27, 2020 How Can [...]

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Never See Them Again?


In August of 2009 Theresa Allen contacted CPS to protect her grandchildren from the unsafe and illegal environment to which they had been exposed when visiting their mother’s home. When the caseworker missed the deadline [...]

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She was only six years old


The Texas Home School Coalition is the only organization in Texas to take up arms and draft legislation to stop this lawsuit abuse made possible by a loophole in the Grandparent Access Statute. The fight [...]

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The Miraculous Death of SB 768


This is a story of vigilance, a zombie bill that wouldn’t die, and the courage of one man who stood in the doorway of truth and held back the forces of evil. Most of all, this is the story of God’s faithfulness.

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April 2020


A Republican judge in Denton gave joint custody to a man who is not related to this little girl by blood or marriage against the wishes of her biological father, whom everyone acknowledges is an entirely fit parent.

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March 2020


March 18, 2020—How to Homeschool During COVID-19 March 4, 2020—Who Should Make Medical Decisions for Children? March 18, 2020 How to Homeschool During COVID-19 In 2002 when Mike Pence [...]

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