Help With Child Protective Services

Judge Michael Chitty


The newest inductee to THSC’s Texas Judicial Wall of Shame is the retiring judge of Kaufman County’s 422nd District Court, Judge Michael Chitty. As one of the primary judges involved in the infamous Drake Pardo [...]

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Continuing Danger in CPS Cases


If Child Protective Services (CPS) loopholes aren’t closed, the threat of danger in CPS cases will continue to be a prominent issue. We have a solution.

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Handling CPS Child Interviews (What Not to Do)


By: Chris Branson Speaking from years of experience with Texas Child Protective Services (CPS), THSC’s special counsel for CPS Investigations walks you through handling CPS’ unwarranted intrusion into your homeschooling family. Every Parent’s Nightmare: CPS [...]

Handling CPS Child Interviews (What Not to Do)2019-11-07T20:32:46-06:00

Parental Rights Terminations


A task-force report from the Children’s Commission agrees with THSC and recommends abolishing the current procedures for CPS parental rights termination cases. These procedures are slanted in favor of CPS; abolishing these would be a key safeguard for Texas families.

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