After 2 weeks of separation from their 4-year-old son, today the Pardo family attended a hearing in the 422 District Court of Kaufman County with hopes of being reunited. Turnout in support of the Pardos was so high that the hearing had to be moved to a larger courtroom to accommodate the crowd. 

At the conclusion of the hearing, Judge Chitty issued a gag order forbidding any of the parties in the case from discussing the details of the case publicly. While the gag order does not apply specifically to THSC, we will share further information with great care in order to protect the family. 

The Pardo case underscores the 2019 Texas legislative session in which action on behalf of families was negligible. The 86th Texas Legislature chose not to protect innocent families and children from suffering horrific trauma from CPS overreach. A select few legislators prioritized the protection of Texas families but were unable to get the reforms through among their disinterested peers. 

The legislature must address this issue. Several state lawmakers attended today’s hearing and saw the problems first hand.

In addition to fighting in court for the Pardo family, THSC is already working on legislative reforms for 2021 to protect families from suffering the same abusive treatment by CPS in the future. 

Stay tuned. The fight is not over. THSC and the homeschool community are standing with the Pardos as the battle continues. It will take a statewide effort to reunite the Pardo family and then get reforms passed to prevent other families from suffering the same abuses.

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