There was a time when I envisioned that we would complete our morning lessons—then the kids and I would prepare dinner ingredients before lunch and afternoon schoolwork. Dinner would be a cinch, as we’d pop it in the oven before my husband would arrive home from work. I homeschool and work from home, so with several able bodies at home all day, how hard can it be to put a healthy meal on the table each evening?

I can assure you, it gets tough! I have responsibilities from my job, housework and my kids’ schoolwork and activities—because we live in a small town, we are often a 40-minute drive away from our activities. Dinner became a real chore: a mix of boring, quick meals that seemed to repeat week after week, or drive-thru meals that are terrible for our health and budget!

Then I heard about MyFreezEasy, and I wondered if it could simplify my dinner drama. I was excited to give it a try!

Meal Variety and Smart Support

I logged in and quickly noticed all of the meal options were sorted by:

  • Meats
    • This is a great way to take advantage of a sale on meat, since meal plans are sorted by meat types (all chicken, all beef, all pork, etc.).
  • Specialized diets, including:
    • Vegetarian
    • Gluten free
    • Paleo/Whole30
    • Keto diet
    • Dairy free
    • Gluten-Dairy-Soy free
    • Top eight allergy free
  • Slow cooker meals
  • Instant Pot meals
  • and more!

Some pre-planned menus include 10 or 20 meals on them, along with the ability to swap or create your own menu, and the ability to select the number of servings (2-8) needed for your family. There are videos to help answer questions every step of the way as well. There is even a Facebook group to find others using MyFreezEasy. I am truly excited that this meal planner will preserve my sanity, alleviate wasted time and curb overspending in my home!

Product Review: MyFreezEasy Story

A Great Family Activity

In true homeschool mom fashion, I printed out the shopping list and put the kids to work alongside me. We checked off what we already had and set out to do the shopping. With my two teens helping, I divided up groceries by department and grabbed all the ingredients (the shopping lists are conveniently sorted by store department and by recipe)! We had a big list, because we planned to make two meals each of the 10 meal plans so 20 meals could be frozen . Thankfully, MyFreezEasy has many helpful items available. (I used all but the app):

  • Mobile App
  • Versatile meal plan options:
    • Ingredient lists by store department
    • Ingredient lists by recipe
    • Pre-prep instructions for all recipes
    • Prep instructions by recipe
  • Helpful how-to videos
  • Printable labels for your freezer bags or aluminum trays

Product Review: MyFreezEasy StoryAt home, my daughter and I did most of the preparation, but my son and husband helped too. There were a few meats to chop and some to cook, such as the ground beef and the Italian sausage. The guys applied the labels to the storage bags and aluminum trays. We chopped all the veggies, and then we simply followed the instructions to add the correct ingredients and spices to the bags or trays. The website says many meal plans will take only an hour to prepare and get in the freezer, but for me, it took a little longer to prepare the food because I was making twice as many meals. Additionally, two of my recipes required two meats to be pre-cooked, which takes extra time. But what a great feeling it was to look in my freezer and have 20 healthy meals ready to go!

Taste and Convenience

The day after freezing our 20 meals, we had basketball practice. I simply laid a meal out to thaw and texted my husband to put it in the oven when we finished practice. Once home, I boiled the pasta and tossed a salad, and we had a delicious meal with Parmigiano meatballs. We had a game the following day, so I threw the Thai peanut chicken in the slow cooker. We made the rice and steamed veggies, and we were eating within 30 minutes of our game! We have also tried slow cooker Creamy Taco Soup, Spiced Pork Tenderloin, Black Bean Fajitas, slow cooker Barbacoa Beef and Creamy Herbed Chicken. We absolutely cannot pick a favorite; every recipe has been so yummy!

MyFreezEasy meals aren’t completely effortless, because there is often a side dish or salad to be made alongside the meal. However, compared to other freezer plans I have tried, my family strongly prefers these meals. With all the customizing options and variety it offers, I may have answered the one question that I once dreaded: What’s for dinner?

MyFreezEasy is a game changer for my family. It really does save us time and money. We prepared two each of the 10 meals for $12.78 per meal ($3.20 per serving; 4 servings each), and we’ve even had leftovers on several nights! Additionally, we found that it was a great way to bring the family together to prepare 20 meals in an afternoon. I also appreciate all the healthy and specialized options, especially since I cook for family members who have allergies and are gluten free. This is something our family will prioritize in order to save time on our busy weekday evenings—and still have nutritious meals without breaking the bank.

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Product Review: MyFreezEasy Story
Product Review: MyFreezEasy Story
Product Review: MyFreezEasy Story