Early College Start – Dual Credit


Early College Start - Dual Credit - Eligible high school students may be allowed to take a college credit course, which will earn college credit and also satisfy the high school graduation plan’s required course. [...]

Early College Start – Dual Credit2020-02-03T09:10:13-06:00

Homeschooling 1st Grade (A Comprehensive Guide)


Homeschooling 1st grade! It’s official—Kindergarten is over and you’re on the count to graduation now! Here’s everything you need in one place to get you started and keep you on track for homeschooling first grade. [...]

Homeschooling 1st Grade (A Comprehensive Guide)2019-10-27T15:50:36-05:00

Homeschool Curriculum Review: BookShark


I've Been Daydreaming of a Curriculum Like This When I daydream about being a great homeschooling mom, the picture always looks something like sitting on the sofa surrounded by my kids, reading them a book, [...]

Homeschool Curriculum Review: BookShark2019-09-12T00:06:09-05:00

2019 Astronomical Events


The January super blood moon was spectacular. Here are several more rare astronomical events in 2019 that you can start looking forward to!

2019 Astronomical Events2019-08-14T19:02:35-05:00

Teaching Good Citizenship in Your Homeschool (A Requirement Under Texas Law)


Teaching good citizenship to your homeschool student is more than educating them on political process and American traditions. To foster an enduring sense of ownership over country, state and community, it’s important to develop character qualities and the mindset of a good citizen.

Teaching Good Citizenship in Your Homeschool (A Requirement Under Texas Law)2019-08-08T13:28:19-05:00

SumBlox: The Building Blocks of Math


SumBlox: The Building Blocks of Math Learning   The world of homeschool math learning has been reshaped and reimagined through SumBlox. I found out firsthand. I was wandering through the exhibit hall at [...]

SumBlox: The Building Blocks of Math2019-08-08T10:15:23-05:00
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