When you chose to join or start your homeschool group, what were your thoughts? If you’re like many other homeschool group leaders, you probably thought some of the following:

  • It would be nice to have a day out with other homeschool families.
  • My children will benefit from classes that are better done with a group, like P.E. or choir.
  • I can volunteer my time and energy to help other homeschool moms just like me!
  • It will be great to have additional teachers to help with my kids.

Paying Teachers

Leaders often have questions about paying teachers, especially as independent contractors. Recently,  Carol Topp of HomeschoolCPA presented a webinar in which she said, “In education, it is very difficult to correctly treat teachers as independent contractors.” Many homeschool groups choose to have parents pay their teachers directly to continue the programs their groups offer.

To listen to the recording of the webinar, visit Carol Topp’s website where she made it available along with a handout that accompanies the webinar. You can also read some of her articles about paying workers in a homeschool organization.

Leadership Paperwork

A leader’s job doesn’t end at planning events and paying teachers. There is an ample amount of administrative tasks and year-end paperwork that must be completed. The laws on groups’ paperwork can be difficult to understand. How can groups offer great programs and not exhaust the servant-hearted leadership volunteers who take on the difficult administrative tasks of navigating Texas laws?

THSC helps you successfully navigate these waters through helpful resources such as our Leader’s Guide and our checklist for getting started.

THSC supports your group leadership board at our Texas Leader’s Conference. Please save the date for one of the Texas Leader’s Conference events, on May 11, 2017 in Arlington, or July 20, 2017 in The Woodlands. The schedule for this event will include:

Tickets are available on the THSC Convention website. Don’t forget to add on a free ticket to get a preview of the exhibit hall on Thursday night. And, of course, THSC loves our members. THSC members attend convention for free! We can’t wait to see you there!