One year ago this month, Texas was one signature away from making a new law allowing Texas hospitals to detain people against their will without due process.

Scary, right?  That, however, is what nearly happened after the 2015 session when both houses of the Texas legislature voted to make SB 359 the law of the state.  All it needed was the signature of our governor, and any hospital in the state of Texas could have detained you against your will without any due process or review by proper law enforcement.  Thankfully, at the request of THSC, several other conservative organizations, and many concerned Texas citizens, Governor Greg Abbott vetoed the bill on June 1, 2015.

Spotting threats to your freedom is the mission of the THSC Watchmen.

During the 2015 session, I had the privilege of working alongside some of the best men I have ever met as a member of the THSC Watchmen team.  In the course of the session, we worked with great success on many bills like SB 359 which threatened Texas families.

Being a THSC Watchman was one of the best experiences of my life. Working on specific bills and meeting with state legislators to Keep Texas Families Free from countless overreaches of our government made it a uniquely rewarding experience.

The THSC Watchmen program achieves three main goals:

  1. Provide a front-line of defense for parents against government overreach.
  2. Proactively work with state legislators to pass laws that offer more freedom to families.
  3. Offer home school graduates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to both give back to their community in a meaningful way and gain unique and valuable experience along the way.

With the 2017 session on the horizon, THSC is once again launching this important effort to protect your freedoms. I am pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 2017 Watchmen team!

The program is open to all home school students who will have graduated from high school by January 1, 2017. If you are a home school graduate who is interested in making a difference in our state  while gaining valuable experience in our legislative process, then you should consider submitting an application! Visit to read more and fill out an application.

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When we speak, legislators listen. Do you want to help make our voices heard? Apply today! Or, if you know someone who wants to be involved in this process, share this opportunity with them. There is no better way to protect the freedoms of home schoolers than when home schoolers themselves step up to the plate to defend their own.

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