In April 2016, a home school student and his mother visited the Orange County Department of Public Services office to obtain a learner’s permit for the student. The two handed over the required documentation, including a completed Verification of Enrollment (VOE) form explaining that the applicant was home schooled. The DPS agent informed them that the VOE form could not be accepted, and a signature of the primary instructor as well as the curriculum was needed.

Fortunately, as a member of the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC), the mother knew the correct requirements and called THSC for assistance. THSC’s policy team drafted a letter to the branch manager at the Orange County DPS office, informing him that in the state of Texas the home school parent/instructor authenticates the child’s enrollment in a home school program and is authorized to sign the VOE form. THSC also stated that Texas law does not permit or require home school parents to disclose the curriculum that is being used in order for DPS to issue a learner’s permit.

Within several weeks, not only did the home school student receive his learner’s permit, but DPS sent a letter of response to THSC apologizing for the mistake and informing us that the agent had been corrected and informed concerning the processing of home school student drivers.

THSC is here to not only care for its members, but also to advocate for home school rights. Sometimes this means asking government agencies to correct their mistakes, as they did with the Orange County DPS.

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