This January marks the beginning of the 85th Texas Legislature. Every other year in Austin, the Texas House of Representatives and Senate conduct their business for 140 days.

For the third legislative session in a row, THSC is sending a squadron of lobbyist interns to fight for families. These six homeschool graduates, known as the THSC Watchmen, will relocate to the capital where they will live and work for five months.

Since THSC expanded their vision to include parental rights in their mission, we have received countless phone calls from parents that the CPS system is in desperate need of reform. THSC and attorneys from all over the state have worked to draft CPS reform legislation for the 85th legislature that will protect families and fit parents.

The THSC Watchmen will lobby the legislature to pass this vitally important legislation. Their presence in Austin is thanks to charitable donations from those who believe in Keeping Texas Families Free.

4 reforms your generous financial donation will help accomplish:

  1. Amending the Non-Attendance Section
    • CPS uses the non-attendance section of the Texas Family Code as an excuse to investigate the quality of a homeschool child’s education.
    • In cases where CPS disagrees with a decision to homeschool, they use the system to file for termination of parental rights.
  2. Requiring a Burden of Proof Before Terminating Parental Rights
    • The broad-form jury question means the court can remove children from good parents without meeting the burden of proof.
    • A jury can terminate a parent-child relationship without agreeing on what the parent did wrong.
  3. Preventing the Unjust Removal of Children
    • In the Texas judicial system, judges can issue temporary orders to remove children without the option to appeal and with no end-date.
    • The generic defense of  claiming that removal  was in “the child’s best interests” allows for an easy excuse when no evidence is available to justify a removal.
  4. Allow Consolidating to One Court, Easing Burden on Families
    • Current Texas law allows for “courts of continuing jurisdiction” meaning that in CPS cases where multiple children are involved, CPS can take the family to a different court for each child.
    • Parents could be stuck fighting the same CPS case in multiple courts. Thus, multiplied court costs, multiplied evidence and multiplied burden.

How You Can Help

THSC Watchmen need your help passing important CPS reform legislation!  Right now, the THSC Watchmen are in Austin and need your financial support and prayers.

Invest in protecting families through your generous financial donation to the THSC Watchmen, and help THSC continue Keeping Texas Families Free.