How THSC’s Intervention Helped the Kahn Family

In November 2016, THSC member Kathleen Kahn reached out to our office about a notice she received from the SSA (Social Security Administration) office in League City, Texas. The SSA informed her that the benefits for her son, Adrian, were completely stopped because he turned 18 that same month. However, this does not comply with SSA and Texas home school policies.

When a THSC member runs into an issue needing verification or explanation of Texas home school laws or policies, THSC steps in for support to that Texas family.  In some cases, this requires communication with various agencies and organizations. This is one of the primary benefits for THSC members.

When the SSA ends benefits for a student due to his or her approaching 18th birthday, THSC clarifies the law to the SSA explaining that since legitimate home schools are classified as private schools in Texas, students are eligible to continue receiving SSA benefits after they have turned 18 until they graduate from high school.

SSA’s Response and THSC Second Intervention

Although unusual, occasionally agencies will ask for additional information even after THSC’s initial correspondence. The SSA sent a response to the Kahn family requesting additional information including attendance logs, certification of enrollment, and the name of the home school curriculum or home school group.

However, THSC again sent a prompt reply to the League City SSA office explaining to them why some of the information that they were requesting was unattainable or unreasonable.

THSC explained that an attendance log to verify the number of hours attended weekly is not required since the Texas Education Agency (TEA) states on their website, “The TEA does not regulate, index, monitor, approve, register, or accredit the programs available to parents who choose to home school.” As a result, home school parents are not required by state law to keep an attendance log.

The state does not supply a certificate of enrollment or documentation showing that the home school meets the requirements of the state. No such certification exists.

Besides THSC, there is no standard set of names of home schooling programs or home school associations in which parents enroll their home school. THSC informed the SSA that the Kahns were members in good standing.

Within just one day of receiving the second intervention correspondence at the League City office, the SSA contacted Kathleen. They informed her that the first and second interventions from THSC were sufficient proof of her home school’s legitimacy and that her son’s SSA benefits would be reinstated until he graduated high school.

How You Can Help Maintain Quick Attention to Home School Policies

In order to maintain home school freedom in Texas, we must remain diligent in not allowing agencies and organizations to require unnecessary documentation from Texas families.  That is why THSC responds quickly and specifically to THSC members’ issues in these cases.

Without THSC members and the financial support of faithful donors, THSC would not be able to advocate for families or home schoolers. If you are not a member, please join today.  Or, please consider giving a generous donation today. In doing so, you will enable THSC to maintain their influence and continue Keeping Texas Families Free.