Our Mission

The THSC Watchmen name is in reference to Isaiah 62:6: “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night.”

By researching, writing and amending legislation, the THSC Watchmen promote family rights and homeschooling. They garner support from legislators and their staff, raise public awareness and increase participation by homeschoolers in the political process.

Ronald Reagan famously stated: “Freedom is only one generation away from extinction.” The THSC Watchmen work to protect the rights of Texas families and to pass the torch of freedom by inspiring other states to do the same. This new kind of lobbyist proves to be a passionate and capable watchman that defends the family, our cardinal bastion of freedom.

The mission of the THSC Watchmen is to establish a presence and rapport for homeschoolers in the Texas legislature, enabling THSC to protect families in Texas for years to come. The THSC Watchmen guard the walls to protect the right of families to direct the care, control and upbringing of their children. And in doing so, the THSC Watchmen are Keeping Texas Families Free.

THSC Watchmen

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