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Tim Lambert, president of Texas Home School Coalition (the state home school support organization since 1986), has been involved in home school leadership in Texas since 1984. He and his wife Lyndsay taught their four now-grown children at home for 16 years, graduating the last two in 2000. As the head of the organization for the leading home school state in the country, Tim is recognized as an authority on home education issues in Texas. In this capacity, he has testified before numerous Texas legislative committees on issues related to home schooling. He often deals with state government agencies, including the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, on home education issues and has served as an expert witness on home education in a number of court cases. He has also addressed such conferences as the Texas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers on the topic. Tim holds a B.A. in political science from Texas Tech University and is active in the political arena, having served eight years as Republican National Committeeman for Texas. He is committed to serving the home schooling community and to protecting parents’ right to choose the method of education of their children.

January 2020 Family Freedom Caller


This country has been focused recently on the Commonwealth of Virginia & the rallies & protests that have taken place since the Democratic party took complete control of the state government.

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December 2019


CPS has never admitted any wrongdoing and continues to maintain its accusations against the family in spite of their lack of any evidence and the Court’s declaration that there was not a danger in the home.

December 20192019-12-17T15:10:19-06:00

November 2019


November 20, 2019—Texas Legislature Holds Hearing on CPS Abuse November 13, 2019—Supreme Court of Texas Justices Speak up on Parental Rights November 6, 2019—Gag Orders and Judicial Abuse: Growing [...]

November 20192019-12-06T14:04:20-06:00

October 2019


A district court gave joint custody of a young girl to a man who was not in any way related to her. The court did this over the objections of the biological father.

October 20192019-11-13T15:13:50-06:00

September 2019


CPS developed the plan on their own (a violation of CPS policy and state law) and included a provision that would have required the family to admit to guilt for charges of medical child abuse and to having severe mental health issues.

September 20192019-11-05T11:13:56-06:00

August 2019


The video has nearly two million views and over 30,000 people have signed the petition asking Governor Abbott to take action.

August 20192019-11-11T09:04:40-06:00

July 2019


July 30, 2019—Pardo Case Highlights CPS Lawlessness July 23, 2019—Kidnapped: How the Pardo Case Started at Children’s Medical Center Dallas July 16, 2019—Pardo case update: 4-year-old still separated from his parents [...]

July 20192019-11-11T09:05:48-06:00

May 2019


For the third consecutive legislative session, the organization representing divorce lawyers in Texas, the Texas Family Law Foundation, filed a bill that would have made every family a target of in-laws who disagree with the legitimate parenting decisions of fit parents.

May 20192019-09-29T20:21:38-05:00

April 2019


April 24, 2019—Have We Forgotten How to Trust Parents? April 17, 2019—Who Decides for Children: Parents or the State? April 10, 2019—How Education Keeps Us Free April 3, 2019—Parents: Keep an Eye on These Four [...]

April 20192019-09-11T19:01:19-05:00

March 2019


March 27, 2019—New TX Supreme Court Judge a Friend to Family Freedoms March 20, 2019—Why Homeschoolers Are So Free in Texas March 6, 2019—Increased Regulation Will Not Improve Homeschooling—Freedom Will March 27, 2019 New Texas [...]

March 20192019-09-11T19:03:36-05:00
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