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  • Please do not provide automated subscription emails, such as Yahoo Groups. (Families and nearby groups are unable to submit inquiries through these emails.) Subscription request emails should be provided to families after they request to join your group.
    Note: You must have another method of contact for the email to be non-published. A contact form is acceptable as long as this method will still be responded to in a timely manner. If THSC and families cannot reach your group, your group will be removed from display.
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  • For privacy, if you do not wish the street address shared outside of your group membership, please provide only city and zip code. City and zip code must be included.
  • Specific Group Information

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  • THSC Communication

  • Other than the email shown above, you may also provide a private email for direct contact with the THSC Leadership Support Team.
    • Group agrees to support the goals of homeschool families (see the THSC definition of homeschooling)
    • Group has read the Mission Statement of THSC and states that the group does not represent causes or values that would be in conflict with the mission or Statement of Faith of THSC, Inc., THSC Assoc. or THSC PAC
    • Group will encourage members to support THSC in a manner best suited to your group (for suggestions see THSC Partner Group Program page).
    • Group agrees to provide updates annually and maintain current contact information with THSC (annual updates due every fall). Use this page to submit update.
  • I represent the homeschool group submitted on this web form, and I agree to the THSC Partner Group Agreement terms.
  • THSC Partner Group Values

    THSC offers access to multiple benefits through group partnership as a resource to better serve home educating families in Texas. THSC is an organization with Christian values. We do not require that THSC Partner Groups to hold the same values. We may determine that the values or activities of some organizations conflict with those of THSC, and we reserve the right to grant, deny or revoke partnership to any group.

    Only homeschool groups qualify for partnership. Other interested businesses may email advertising@thsc.org.

    The THSC Partner Groups listed on thsc.org reflect the freedom of home educators in Texas to choose from a wide variety of homeschool philosophies and teaching methods. Opinions and attitudes expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the Texas Home School Coalition. THSC does not endorse or advocate any one method, philosophy or views expressed by THSC Partner Groups. This list has not been provided for solicitors, and should not be duplicated or copied for solicitation. Inclusion on this list is, in no way, an endorsement by THSC nor an indication of similar values as THSC. The board encourages home educators to seek God's will in determining what is best for them, their school, and their students.

    The information on THSC.org or in links provided by this website or by THSC staff are not to be misconstrued as legal advice or a recommendation regarding any of the legal issues or problems described herein.

    We do offer intervention services for homeschool families in order to help families when they encounter organizations that limit access or participation simply because a child is homeschooled. This intervention is a THSC member benefit, and is not part of the THSC Partner Group Program.

    While THSC can give you pointers on how to construct the bylaws for your THSC Partner Group, we cannot give legal advice on the final wording and its legal effect. Furthermore, THSC does not assist in resolving group conflict or involve itself in ongoing issues within THSC Partner Groups. Groups seeking legal advice on the application of their bylaws in a particular situation should seek assistance from an attorney.

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