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THSC Partner Groups

THSC offers exclusive benefits to our THSC Partner Groups. Help families locate groups, find your group on the list or find other groups on our handy map.

THSC also encourages groups to connect with our Regional Groups across Texas.

Not sure if your group is considered a support group, co-op, or another type of homeschool group? The THSC Support Group Definitions page provides clear explanations.

Are you considering starting a homeschool group? THSC has created this comprehensive guide to help you launch and maintain your group.

Homeschool Leader Articles

Stay up-to-date on the latest homeschooling trends by reading these relevant articles written specifically for homeschool group leaders. You can sign up for leaders connect blog, view leaders connect on the Texas Homeschool site and access national group information on THSC’s national site:

Learn about the benefits THSC offers to THSC Partner Groups. And when you are ready, submit your group information to THSC to be eligible for THSC Partner Group benefits. Homeschool group leaders get exclusive access to resources available to THSC Partner Groups.

Homeschool Leader Events & Speakers

THSC hosts annual events designed specifically for homeschool group leaders.

THSC makes presentations to homeschool groups across Texas. The presentations encourage and equip new and veteran homeschoolers as part of our mission to keep the fire burning that ignited the original homeschool movement. Request a speaker or meet the Texas Homeschool group speakers.