After moving to Austin over the weekend, the THSC Watchmen started their first full work week and were present for the opening of the 86th Texas Legislature.


The team’s first Monday was spent at THSC’s legislative office. They evenly divided the list of 181 legislative offices among themselves so that the team could cover each office. They also spent time reviewing the list of priorities for the week and for the entire session.

During lunch on the first day, the team enjoyed food, fellowship and some fun with the dart board and billiards table at the office. Balancing fun activities with the heavy workload is key to maintaining sanity during the session!

First Day of Session

The THSC Watchmen were at the Texas Capitol on Tuesday for the first day of the legislative session. They watched the speaker’s election in the Texas House of Representatives and visited legislative offices to meet the staffers that they will be working with for the rest of the session. Nearly every office was giving free food to visitors, and the team took advantage of it!

Remainder of the Week

For the remainder of the week, the THSC Watchmen each visited their assigned legislative offices to introduce themselves to the staff. They also spent time reviewing bill language and analyzing the effects of legislation.

A Great Start

The team’s first week was an excellent start to the legislative session. They are working hard to manage all of their tasks and ensure that the session is a success.

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