The third month of the 86th Texas Legislature has started, and everything is in full swing! Besides getting accustomed to the horrendous traffic in Austin, the THSC Watchmen are working hard to keep up with the legislation that is still being filed every day and ensure that the rights and freedoms for families in Texas are protected.

The policy team has visited all 181 legislative offices informing them of THSC’s priority legislation and answering questions about homeschooling and family rights. The team is especially focused on collecting public support for the legislation by obtaining joint authors and co-authors on each priority bill.

Picking up as many co-authors and joint authors as possible from both sides of the aisle increases the odds of a bill passing both the House and the Senate before they can make their way to the governor’s desk.

Hundreds of homeschool students and families also travel to Austin personally during THSC’s three Capitol Day events and actively lobby on behalf of homeschooling-related issues.

Please pray for favor with the members of the Texas legislature as THSC’s team on the ground fights to protect the freedom of Texas families to raise and educate their children.

We believe that raising children is a family’s God-given right and calling. Text “TXHOMESCHOOL” now to 919191 to receive legislative alerts!

Texas State Historical Association