Once again, THSC has worked with conservative legislators to file the Tim Tebow Bill in both the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives! Today, Senator Van Taylor filed Senate Bill 640, and State Representative (and homeschool dad) James Frank filed its companion bill, House Bill 1323.

The Tim Tebow Bill is among THSC’s legislative priorities which also include CPS reform and parental rights legislation for the 2017 legislative session.

This bill, if passed, would allow Texas homeschool students to participate in UIL-sanctioned extracurricular activities within their respective school districts. Currently, 34 other states have UIL laws that did not increase homeschooling regulations. This means parents continue to maintain the freedom to choose the best education for their children while having the option for their children to participate in UIL activities.

In Texas, many families have no access to homeschool extracurricular options near them or cannot afford the options available. Some families choose not to homeschool because they fear limited opportunities for their students. The Tim Tebow Bill provides a solution to this problem.


THSC believes that providing increased opportunities to Texas homeschool families encourages and motivates homeschooling. Families will have access to a wide variety of extracurricular activities, and homeschool families will finally find their tax money is put to use for them.

Will this Add Regulations to Homeschooling?

Increased regulation has never occurred in any of the 34 other states allowing access to UIL activities. The Texas bill also does not create such a risk. The newest version of this bill includes all of the language from SB 2046 from the 2015 legislative session with the addition of a new section.

In response to concern over added regulation, THSC had language included in the bill to address the issue with two main points:

  1. The legislation can in no way be misconstrued to allow any state government, local government, or school district to enforce any oversight or regulation on homeschools involved in UIL activities.
  2. Any local authority is specifically prohibited from requiring a family who participates in UIL to change their homeschooling practices or creed in order to do so.

When the Tebow Bill passes, it will not only continue Keeping Texas Families Free, but it will expand opportunities to homeschool students across the state.

Stay Informed

Visit our Tim Tebow Bill webpage to read the latest news and information concerning this important legislation. A full bill analysis along with facts and FAQs is available.

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