Earlier this summer, the Special Session of the Texas Legislature ended early due to self-serving tactics from House leadership. Although some key bills passed during the special session, key political figures including Governor Abbott were not pleased with the results.

If you recall, THSC had a successful regular session passing historic CPS reform measures to protect children and families. This success was despite facing roadblocks on our parental rights legislation and the Tim Tebow Bill in the House that many other conservative groups faced with their legislative agendas.

These issues are important to homeschoolers because of the ongoing attacks against the God-given, fundamental right of parents to direct the care, control and upbringing of their children. Today, Texas families face the critical issue of who should decide what is in the best interest of a child: parents or the government? We must be involved in this battle, both politically and legislatively, because our rights as parents are at stake.

Now we wait to see if Governor Abbott will call the legislature back to Austin for another special session. In the interim, it appears that we are headed for an election cycle that could determine whether there is new leadership in the Texas House.

There is a push to adopt rules to require Republicans to choose their nominee for Speaker in Caucus. This vote as a block is gaining momentum and could be a litmus test in the primary. The rule would also eliminate the opportunity for Democrats to choose the Republican Speaker, which happened ten years ago.

In other political news, the criminal prosecution of political opponents in Texas took a new turn. The courts recently rendered a devastating ruling in the sordid prosecution of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Now, it is clear even to casual observers that this is a politically motivated effort to destroy a man for political reasons.

One observer wrote: ”Weaponizing the courts for political gain is a refuge of scoundrels and needs to be policed by the courts…this looks like a trumped-up case intended to take down a politician who made himself unpopular with the grandees of the GOP establishment.” I couldn’t agree more.