Isn’t it fun to see God’s hand in the colors of fall? We have such a unique opportunity as home educating families to embrace this season with the purpose of learning. Whether your children are just beginning their educational journey or they are making plans for post-graduation, make this fall a season they will remember for years to come!

Here are five tips for adding some fun, fall activities to your October schedule:

  1. Stop and Smell the Flowers. Parks are full of fall flowers this time of year. Stroll through a city or state park, and see how many fall flowers you can find! Take pictures of the flowers, then return home to determine the name and origin of your favorite ones. This is also fun as a contest between family and friends. A potted mum or other popular fall flower can serve as the prize!
  2. Enjoy a Pie Party. Apple pie and pumpkin pie are fall staples. Gather the kids and bake one for your family and one to share with a neighbor! Every child should know how to follow directions and this lesson will fill their hearts and their tummies!
  3. Get Lost in a Corn Maze. Test your individual skill or divide into teams and try your hand at a corn maze. Here’s a link to one of our favorites in Lubbock. Good luck!
  4. Fall is For The Birds. Many birds are gathering seed and getting ready to settle down or migrate for the winter. Make a unique bird feeder using an old pie plate, planter, or log, and watch the birds of a feather flock together. See how many different species you can attract!
  5. Enjoy a Hot Cup of Cocoa. There is nothing like a cup of hot chocolate (complete with fun toppings like whipped cream or sprinkles), a good book, and a blanket. Schedule a mid-morning break and enjoy some reading time together. Spend time learning about the history of chocolate. Everyone will enjoy this tasty history lesson!

This autumn season, may the colors be vibrant, the air crisp, and the time spent together sweet!

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