There is no standard curriculum designed for a specific diagnosis, but THSC is glad to provide a list of the best special needs resources we’ve come across. Many resources have been developed specifically for the special needs homeschooling community. THSC does not endorse a specific group or organization. However, special needs homeschooling families often share resources with THSC.

Give yourself grace, as finding a curriculum and helpful resources may at first be just a starting point on the road to finding the best choice for your individual situation, your child’s diagnosis, and your family teaching methodology. Keep in mind that these needs might even change over time.

THSC Recommended Reading, Resources and Support for Families with Special Needs




This is only a partial list. If you have a specific type of curriculum or resource in mind and you are having difficulty finding exactly what you are looking for, we encourage you to contact the THSC Special Needs Support Team at for a complete list of curriculum and resources.

Additionally, if you have a resource suggestion that has worked well for your family, please email the THSC Special Needs Support Team at and let us know what it is.

Special Needs Curriculum Modification How-To Videos