The Texas Home School Coalition is the only organization in Texas to take up arms and draft legislation to stop this lawsuit abuse made possible by a loophole in the Grandparent Access Statute. The fight is far from over. After filing SB 1194 with Sen. Donna Campbell and HB 2547 with Rep. Cindy Burkett to close the holes in this law, THSC has received unrelenting opposition from an organization representing lawyers that benefit financially through the drawn-out litigation that accompanies these types of cases.

Unsurprisingly, this organization has sponsored legislation to expand this lawsuit abuse. If passed, their legislation would allow any parent, no matter how fit or loving, to lose his or her children to vindictive grandparents simply because of the choice to home school.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Never See Them Again?, THSC is involved in a court battle to bring rogue CPS caseworkers to justice. These caseworkers essentially kidnapped a Houston grandmother’s grandchildren and kept them for 11 months in order to protect their own job security.

THSC is fighting to vindicate this Houston grandmother and, more importantly, to hold these rogue bureaucrats accountable for violating the law and to show others that there is a price to pay for such abuse.

That’s where you come in. Being a non-profit organization, THSC receives its financial support to engage in this battle directly from the citizens whom it defends. If defending liberty were free, we would have no reason to ask for your help. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most mentally and financially draining battles that any organization or individual can undertake.

With only 15 days left in the Texas legislative session, we need your help. THSC needs $50,000 in order to support our work to defeat these bills that would destroy the very fabric of our homes and to continue our legal battles in the courtroom to protect families.

Your support will make an immediate difference. Please give $50, $100, $500, $1,500, or even $3,500 today.

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