The United States is changing. The country we live in today is not the same one our parents lived in 30 or 40 years ago. Politics in the U.S. has become so partisan and polarizing that values and platforms have been almost entirely overshadowed by emotions. This election cycle has left many people wondering how they can make a difference or whether it is even worth voting.

Many evangelical Christians see neither major candidate as acceptable and have decided to simply stay home on election day but the presidential race is far from the only thing at stake. We’re also electing state legislators in this cycle.

In 2017 the Texas legislature will decide on issues that directly affect the lives of millions of Texans. Who are we going to send to the legislature to defend home schooling and parental rights?

If Christians and home schoolers don’t vote in this election cycle, we won’t get the leaders that Texas needs in the legislature.

THSC is encouraging everyone to exercise their constitutional right to get out to the polls and vote. The fate of the great state of Texas could be at stake and thousands of families could be affected by the outcome of this election.

3 Reasons to Vote this General Election

Even if you are not planning on voting in the presidential race, THSC encourages everyone to vote in the local races. The state representatives and senators you elect will help determine if the following bills pass:

  1. CPS Reform. THSC is the only advocacy group drafting and pushing legislation for CPS reform with a focus on parental rights. THSC is working diligently to protect parental rights and insure that families are protected from unjust CPS investigations.
  2. Family Unity Act. Loopholes in several areas of Texas law currently allow non-custodial third parties, such as estranged in-laws or angry family members, to sue parents for access to or possession of their children. THSC is drafting legislation that will protect parental rights by preventing the court from overruling legitimate parenting decisions.
  3. UIL Reform. Lastly, THSC will seek to reform the University Interscholastic League’s (UIL) discriminatory policy that does not allow home school students to participate in UIL sanctioned extracurricular activities. Home school parents in Texas pay taxes to support the UIL system and should not be forced to choose between providing the education they deem best for their child and career and scholarship opportunities available through UIL.

What You Can Do Today

Are you a home educator? Join THSC today and immediately start taking advantage of your member benefits.