With the 86th Texas Legislature now more than two-thirds of the way through, pressure is rising to get bills across the finish line. The THSC Watchmen have experienced great victories this session but there is still more work to be done.

While THSC’s legislation almost always receives hearings in the Texas Senate, all three priority bills also received hearings in the Texas House this session. The Child Trauma Prevention Act has already been passed through committee and is headed to the House floor. Meanwhile, the Family Unity Act and the UIL Equal Access Bill are both awaiting votes in their respective House committees.

The THSC legislative team will continue pressuring House members to pass our bills on the floor. However, the team is refocusing their efforts on moving bills through the Texas Senate concurrently.

Two factors are fortunately working in THSC’s favor. First, the Texas Senate is generally supportive of the rights of Texas families. In addition to THSC’s broad bipartisan support in the Senate, bills take much less time to be considered and passed in that chamber.

During these last two months of the legislative session, our team in Austin will keep you up-to-date on the latest news affecting Texas families. We are grateful to our THSC Watchmen as they continue Keeping Texas Families Free!


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