The THSC Watchmen are a team of homeschool graduates who work and reside in Austin during each Texas legislative session. They serve as legislative watchdogs for THSC, the only organization that works full-time in Austin during each session to protect the rights of the homeschool community and Texas families. The team spends countless hours advocating for family rights and homeschool freedoms.

The THSC Watchmen program is a rigorous training platform that launches individuals into positions of influence across the state and country. Of the 19 THSC Watchmen from 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019:

  • Five are in law school or are preparing for law school.
  • Three have worked with conservative pro-family legislators, political candidates or think tanks.
  • Three are now on staff with THSC in the Public Policy Department.
  • One is enlisted in the United States Armed Forces.

Every day during the five-month session, the THSC Watchmen canvas legislative offices, negotiate language changes in bills, solicit support for good legislation that promotes homeschooling and family rights, and work to block legislation that would negatively impact homeschoolers and families.

In 2019, our legislative priorities included:

  1. Opposing bad legislation that would have compromised the rights of Texas families.
  2. The Child Trauma Protection Act to protect innocent families from CPS intrusion.
  3. The Family Unity Act to restore family rights and close loopholes hurting Texas families.
  4. The UIL Equal Access Bill to allow homeschool students to participate in University Interscholastic League activities with public school students.

In 2013, the THSC Watchmen discovered and stopped a bill that would have given CPS a significant advantage over families in Texas courts by allowing CPS to take children based on convictions under foreign law.

In 2015, the THSC Watchmen rallied with other advocates to successfully petition Governor Greg Abbott for a veto of SB 359, a bill which would have allowed hospitals to forcibly detain children against their will and against the will of their parents.

In 2017, the THSC Watchmen caught and fixed HB 1549 which would have allowed CPS to visit innocent families monthly based solely on whether they displayed “risk factors” of potentially committing a future offense. The bill specifically mentioned income level as one of those factors.

In 2019, the THSC Watchmen were able to catch and stop House Bill 575 before it passed and wreaked havoc on Texas families. HB 575 would have allowed estranged in-laws to sue families for access to their children over the family’s objection. In the end, the THSC Watchmen brought 131 people to the hearing to register against the bill and it was ultimately killed.

Our success during recent Texas legislative sessions has earned us a reputation at the Capitol as an effective lobbying team with a well-coordinated, gracious and principled approach—even on controversial issues.

How You Can Help the THSC Watchmen

To achieve our mission at the Capitol, the THSC Watchmen program requires funding from generous supporters like you.

Here is how your gift will directly impact our work in Austin:

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  • Your gift of $500 will provide one month’s delivery of our e-newsletter and other important information to Texas families.
  • Your gift of $750 will supply one month of room and board for a THSC Watchmen team member.
  • Your gift of $1,500 will pay for one full month of lobbying expenses for a THSC Watchmen team member.

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