A THSC Watchmen is an intern who serves within the THSC Public Policy Department as a legislative analyst and lobbyist for the homeschool community.

The role of a THSC Watchmen is to track bills filed in the Texas legislature and analyze them for content that affects Texas families and homeschoolers; to promote THSC’s priority bills and lobby the legislature to pass them; and to interact with Texas legislators and staff members to promote THSC’s legislative goals.

The THSC Watchmen program presents homeschool graduates with opportunities to develop skills such as critical analysis, professional writing, public speaking, networking and teamwork. The training and experience gained by THSC Watchmen are valuable because they involve learning practical skills which are useful in a wide variety of professional environments.

THSC Watchmen work together to overcome challenges, build lifelong relationships and deepen their commitment to Christ while they serve the homeschool community and protect families in the Texas legislature.

THSC Watchmen

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  • Attend required trainings, meetings and events prior to the legislative session.
  • Work effectively in a team environment to accomplish THSC’s legislative goals.
  • Follow instructions from team leaders while keeping an active and open mind to identify ways of improving THSC processes and strategies.
  • Represent THSC in a professional and Christ-like manner at the Capitol and in meetings, events and other scenarios.
  • Be able to speak publicly at events or in legislative hearings when necessary.
  • Interface with other organizations, legislators and staff members to promote THSC positions and negotiate changes to bills.
  • Review legislation filed in the Texas legislature to identify bills relevant to THSC issues.
  • Analyze legislation to identify effects and make recommendations on needed changes.
  • Draft suggested bill and amendment language to file in the Texas legislature.
  • Be able to work long and late hours to respond to urgent situations as they arise.
  • Hours worked by THSC Watchmen will vary, but expect a minimum of 40-50 hours per week.
  • Attend THSC events, staff meetings and retreats.
  • Participate in weekly team meetings.
  • Meet deadlines and write reports.
  • Know how to operate word documents and spreadsheets, in addition to other basic computer skills.
  • Learn and abide by all relevant THSC processes and procedures.
  • Perform other duties relevant to the THSC Watchmen and the THSC Public Policy Department as assigned.

Additionally, one THSC Watchmen will be recruited primarily to handle marketing efforts and grassroots coordination. The responsibilities of this position will be:

  • Locate, recruit and coordinate with supporting witnesses to testify for/against bills of interest.
  • Manage THSC Watchmen-related social media posts on behalf of THSC.
  • Write blog posts, letters, emails and other material to keep THSC members up-to-date on legislative progress.
  • Work with outside groups to disseminate information about homeschooling and bills of interest.
  • Coordinate policy preparations for THSC Capitol Days.


  • Must have graduated from high school by January 1 of the upcoming legislative year.
  • Must be at least 17 years old by January 1 of the upcoming legislative year.
  • Must have been homeschooled for a significant portion of K-12 education.
  • The THSC Watchmen program is open to both men and women.
  • Agree to live and work in Austin from January 1 to June 15 in the year designated.
  • Outside work and other notable responsibilities outside of THSC Watchmen duties are not permitted unless specifically allowed by the THSC Watchmen program administrators.
  • THSC Watchmen must be able to support THSC legislative policies in order to advocate for these policies during the legislative session.
  • THSC Watchmen duties must take first priority over other obligations.
  • THSC Watchmen will need to own a personal computer, laptop or tablet in order to perform their duties.
  • All THSC Watchmen must attend the team training event in the fall prior to the legislative session.
  • All THSC Watchmen must participate in ongoing team meetings prior to the legislative session.


  • THSC Watchmen will be provided with free (expenses paid) housing for the duration of their required stay in Austin.
  • THSC Watchmen will be provided with a grocery and meal budget for the duration of their required stay.
  • Work-related gas and travel costs will be reimbursed. This includes travel to Austin at the beginning of the legislative session and travel home after the conclusion of the session.
  • Other work-related expenses will be covered or reimbursed as necessary.

2021 THSC Watchmen Team Selection Timeline

  • Online application opens:
    Wednesday, January 1, 2020
  • Applications due:
    Friday, August 14, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CST
  • First interviews held via phone/web conference:
    Week of August 31, 2020 (date subject to change)
  • Second interviews held via phone/web conference:
    Week of September 21, 2020 (date subject to change)
  • Final decision letters sent:
    Friday, October 9, 2020
  • Acceptance letters due:
    Friday, October 16, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CST
  • Team training event in Austin:
    Week of November 2, 2020 (date subject to change)