Following a lackluster legislative session during which “nothing happened” to further pro-family legislation, homeschool families are looking to vote for candidates who can offer something different.

While pro-family champions in the Texas legislature worked hard to pass good legislation, their efforts were ultimately stymied by peers who simply weren’t willing to prioritize the reforms. As a result, this past session left people feeling de-energized and in need of something meaningful to drive them to the polls.

Fortunately, The Lone Star Agenda is just the catalyst that is needed to motivate homeschool and pro-family voters at the polls and put Texas lawmakers on a new track.

The Lone Star Agenda is a legislative effort compiled and supported by over 275 grassroots organizations all over the state that all have one thing in common: They all believe that Texas can be better.

By working together, we can have a chance to set a new direction for the state. The Lone Star Agenda is that new direction.

The first two points of The Lone Star Agenda read:

  1. Allow families to make mental and physical health decisions for themselves.
  • Amend recently passed mental health legislation to provide protections for parental and civil rights via informed parental consent and full Miranda warnings, which are needed to protect due process rights and prevent violations of the Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination.
  • Provide stricter enforcement for public schools and requiring the teaching of abstinence as the core component of sex education.
  • Close loopholes to increase transparency and respect for parental rights/authority as related to public School Health Advisory Councils.
  1. Stop wrongful removal of children from families by restoring due process rights for parents.
  • Prevent Child Protective Services (CPS) workers from exceeding their legal authority in investigations.
  • Protect the due process rights of investigated families.

These two items really get to the core of what THSC believes: that families and parents have the God-given right to raise and educate their children. These rights must be protected at every level of government.

At this point, if the 86th Texas Legislature is to be salvaged in any way, Governor Greg Abbott must call a special legislative session in order to address many of the priorities that never had a chance to be signed into law this past spring.

If he calls this special session, rest assured that THSC and the rest of the 275 groups will be there to call on every lawmaker to pass The Lone Star Agenda.

However, regardless of whether or not Governor Abbott does this, homeschool voters now have another new reason to go to the polls: to elect representatives who will help pass The Lone Star Agenda and other commonsense legislation that will protect families and homeschoolers.

How can you help?

  1. Get out and vote! Texas needs you and every member of your family who can vote to participate in the upcoming primary election on March 3, 2020. THSC is vetting candidates now and will have a voter guide ready for your family by December 31, 2019.
  2. Call Governor Greg Abbott today and ask him to call a special legislative session in order to pass The Lone Star Agenda. His phone number is 512-463-2000.

Text “TXHOMESCHOOL” now to 919191 to receive legislative alerts!