Homeschooling across the country is booming. Our home school groups are growing too. For example, co-op enrollment in my group jumped about 33% from last semester! This is good news for a country clearly in need of strong leadership from the next generation. This alternate form of education we call home schooling, with discipleship starting inside the home,  has proven to be an excellent tool for growing leaders that are willing to stand for what they believe.

Because of this awesome growth in home schooling, THSC is building a network of support moms and dads who want to act as regional coordinators and provide assistance to local home school groups.

Looking for Homeschool Group Leaders

If each of us comes together, we can build a network of leaders across the state so that we might truly have someone on which to lean.

This network will work together to encourage and perpetuate the fire that ignited the original modern home school movement. Knowledge is power, as they say, and we will empower home school families across the state by strengthening our local leadership and ensuring they are informed and prepared to act on issues important to families. Together, we will continue to defend, protect, and promote home schooling and parental rights in Texas.

With this hard earned and well preserved freedom, home school graduates can become informed citizens, missionaries, voters and representatives who want to lead and learn.

Do you want to be a part of the Leadership Support Team at THSC?

Do you want to play a part in bringing home school groups across the state together? If you are a home school group leader with at least two years experience in group leadership, we invite you to consider joining our volunteer force as a THSC Regional Coordinator. As a THSC Regional Coordinator, you will help educate and support home school leadership at all levels in the state and make a difference in the future of our country.

The Leadership Support Team will volunteer a few hours per week from home to help groups connect and find support in each region. The team will be made up of leaders from the seven regions of Texas:  West, High Plains, North, East, Central, Valley, and the Coastal region.

If coordinating with leaders doesn’t interest you, there are more ways to to help support group leaders through the monthly leader’s blog or assisting THSC with reviewing sections of our Leader’s Guide.

Interested in joining the team? Volunteering with THSC is easy!

  1. Please review the volunteer job description online.
  2. Email a brief description of your experience in home school group leadership for consideration as a Regional Coordinator for THSC (email: or let us know how else you might be able to contribute.

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