Texas home school interventions are important to THSC, especially intervening on behalf of home school students applying for college.

The latest success story is helping a THSC member’s two daughters gain admission to Sam Houston State University (SHSU). This was the result of working with the admissions office to comply with Texas law.

In 2003, THSC helped pass a bill to ensure that home school graduates were treated the same as public school graduates when applying for admission to a public university, college or trade school.

After realizing that many institutions found a loophole to unjustly deny home school applicants, THSC closed that loophole. This was to ensure home school graduates would be treated fairly even if the school used class rank for admittance.

As part of our commitment to Texas home school interventions, we met this challenge head-on with SHSU.

The History Between THSC and Sam Houston State

In Spring 2016, THSC was notified that the daughter of a THSC member was denied admission based on her classification as a home school graduate. THSC intervened by calling SHSU and writing a letter on behalf of the daughter to the SHSU office of admissions.

Fortunately, SHSU realized their error and emailed her that she had been admitted.

In the months following the school’s reversal, THSC followed up with the office of admissions numerous times to ensure that the school’s admission requirements were updated on their website and brought into compliance with Texas law.

Texas Home School Interventions – Part 2

One year later, the same THSC member’s second daughter received a similar email denying automatic acceptance. This was despite having higher test scores and GPA than her sister, who was admitted to SHSU the previous spring.

After the student received the email in February 2017, THSC intervened yet again. We discovered that SHSU was undergoing staff changes and catalog updates.

As part of our procedure, THSC copied government officials and SHSU officials on all correspondence with the office of admissions to ensure compliance.

Then, THSC received a phone call that the requirements were updated following our intervention on behalf of the first daughter. We were informed that the latest SHSU catalog was brought into compliance with Texas state law.

THSC thanked the university and requested this member’s second daughter be reconsidered for admission.

In March 2017, SHSU’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions Angie Turner called the THSC public policy department to confirm that the applicant had been accepted to the university.

How To Protect Your Home School Family

Do you know where to turn for support if your home school family ran into a similar situation?

One of the most frequently used THSC member benefits are THSC interventions. You can help protect your family by joining THSC today and receiving this member benefit.

Even while standing watch during the Texas legislature, THSC prioritizes member families. THSC will defend your rights through Texas home school interventions as part of our ongoing fight to Keep Texas Families Free!