Home School Interventions

Home school interventions are an important part of defending the parental rights of Texas home school families.

This is important because home school families often face opposition from entities that do not understand or support home schooling. Families in these situations need someone to firmly stand with them in the battle. And, often times change the outcome.

That’s where THSC comes into play, defending families through home school interventions. For example, intervening when a child is denied his or her first-choice university because of home schooling. Or, helping a mother get Social Security benefits for her 18-year-old son after initially being denied because he was home schooled.

These real stories are examples of the stress, frustration and even heartbreak home school families experience. But, THSC intervenes and finds solutions in these difficult situations.

What are Home School Interventions?

One of the most utilized THSC member benefits is the home school intervention. Every week, THSC receives requests from member families seeking help to resolve a conflict. And, we are vigilant in pursuing these situations.

In 2015 and 2016, THSC intervened nine times on behalf of home school students treated unfairly by state colleges, 24 times for families that were illegally denied child support payments because of home schooling, and 36 times on behalf of families illegally denied Social Security payments for home schooling.

Other interventions included helping families challenge school districts, CPS, employers, Veterans Affairs, and the TEA, plus help members with insurance eligibility and obtaining a driver’s license.

These interventions are typically in the form of letters, emails, phone conversations, in-person meetings, legal representation, and sometimes legal action against entities opposing home school families.

In total in 2015 and 2016, THSC intervened on behalf of member families in more than 220 situations. This year, THSC will intervene in approximately 100-120 more situations where THSC members face similar opposition simply because they home school.

Because we are passionate about defending home schoolers, when THSC intervenes on behalf of a member, the problem is typically resolved quickly. This also leaves an impression on the offender, helping them understand and respect the rights of home school families.

How Does THSC Keep the Government Accountable?

When THSC intervenes in a conflict involving a home school family and government agency, we often include public officials in correspondence between THSC and the recipients.

This keeps government officials informed of issues facing Texas home school families. It also places significant public pressure on agencies or officials who ignore the law.

Take Advantage of THSC’s Home School Interventions for Your Family

THSC regularly intervenes on behalf of members to educate entities and ensure that home school families are treated fairly.

THSC is also holding the government to increasingly higher standards of accountability, and you should demand no less.

You can help protect your family by joining THSC today to receive this member benefit. THSC will defend your rights through home school interventions as part of our ongoing fight Keeping Texas Families Free!