April 10, 2019

I’ve written recently about bills in the Texas legislature that could impact homeschooling in Texas. We just had hearings on three of those bills which could either empower families or restrict their freedom.

April 3 was the last Capitol Day of the legislative session, and almost 300 Texas homeschoolers were at the Capitol to learn about civics and government firsthand. These families and students learned how the process works and had a great time doing it.

In addition to learning about the legislative process, they signed up to oppose a radical bill that would allow families to be sued for their children by vindictive in-laws. For most of us, our in-laws are a blessing, especially when it comes to our children, However, for some families, a breakdown in in-law relationships lands them in court and loses them their children.

Capitol Days attendees also worked to educate legislators about the UIL Equal Access bill, which would give homeschool families more choices in their educational opportunities and join 35 other states in letting homeschool students participate in extracurricular activities in public schools.

Meanwhile, homeschool families across the great state of Texas were helping as they signed up for alerts to take action on critical bills. Hundreds of these families were contacting legislators who represent them and who are also on committees that were hearing testimony on these measures.

So we had people working at home to contact their legislators and people at the Capitol talking directly to the legislators and their offices. That is called a one-two punch!

It was an amazing educational field trip and an unforgettable experience for many of these families that will help these students become great citizens of Texas. At the same time, these students and families were working with us in Keeping Texas Families Free!

We will know in the near future what result these efforts have made. Sign up for text alerts to be part of the team that believes raising children is a family’s God-given right and calling.

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