April 17, 2019

Recently I had a visit with a legislator in Austin who seemed to be confused by some of THSC’s priority legislation. Although he did not say it this way, his tone seemed to say, “What in the world do CPS legislation or family law bills have to do with homeschooling?”

I explained that a family’s right to homeschool is based on the fact that parents have the right to make decisions for what they believe is best for their children. Policies or laws which erode that right undermine the right of families to homeschool their children. We will not allow those policies or bills to go unchallenged.

THSC sees dozens of cases each year in which innocent homeschool families are investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS). Those investigations can be (and often are) initiated by anonymous allegations by those that have some animus against the family (or even by total strangers).

We defend these families and are thus heavily invested in addressing issues that put these families at risk.

Other legislation filed this session challenges whether even fit parents can decide what is best for their children. Sometimes this is related to medical decisions and often related to with whom the children can spend time.

Over and over again we see attacks in our culture on the God-given fundamental right of families to make decisions for their children.

When it comes to children, families, not the state, should make decisions on what is best. We believe that God has given children to families and not to the state. If you agree with us, please sign up for our text alert system to get involved supporting or opposing legislation that affects your right to raise your children. Text “TXHOMESCHOOL” now to 919191 to receive legislative alerts!

Thank you for helping us in our efforts of Keeping Texas Families Free.