May 29, 2019

The second week of May was the week that Texas homeschoolers killed a bill that would have been devastating to the families of Texas.

For the third consecutive legislative session, the organization representing divorce lawyers in Texas, the Texas Family Law Foundation, filed a bill that would have made every family a target of in-laws who disagree with the legitimate parenting decisions of fit parents.

Under current law, single-parent families already face severe abuse in Texas from financially superior opponents who are able to outlast them in court. Some families have had their children removed for years without any accusations of abuse or neglect. This bill would have expanded the law to apply to any family, not just single-parent families.

We asked people to call the House Calendars Committee to oppose HB 575 to protect families in Texas. We believe that parents have a God-given right and responsibility to raise their children and that this right should not depend on whether or not a family has the financial resources to win a legal battle with non-parents.

The target of these kinds of lawsuits are typically low-income, single-parent families. However, if this legislation had passed it would have resulted in an explosion of litigation against any family, not just single-parent families.

Thank you to those of you who called and expressed your opposition to the bill. It failed to come out of the Calendars Committee prior to the deadline for House bills to reach the floor of the Texas House, and is therefore dead. Thank you for helping us continue Keeping Texas Families Free!

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