May 22, 2019

Fox News recently wrote a report that was very similar to what we have been seeing from other major networks for over a year now. Quoting a group euphemistically called the “Coalition for Responsible Home Education,” they cited a number of child abuse cases by people who claimed to be homeschooling.

This group, which claims to support homeschooling, refers to these terrible situations and concludes that we must radically restrict the right of families to homeschool. As we have often pointed out, there is no relationship between the degree of homeschool regulation and child abuse.

Furthermore, other studies indicate that homeschool students are actually less likely than public school students to suffer abuse. In fact, a 2017 survey of Texas homeschool parents showed that safety was one of the top reasons cited for a family’s decision to homeschool.

This group supports radical restrictions on a family’s right to teach their own children but interestingly does not call for greater control of public schools and teachers. The data indicate that public school students are abused and harmed at a higher rate than homeschool students. We see this kind of generalized “concern” used in countries such as the United Kingdom and Cuba to justify limiting the rights of law-abiding families.

The behavior of this group could lead a person to conclude that its true goal is simply to limit homeschooling and the freedom of parents and children to choose the education that is best for them.

We argue that families deserve the right to select the education that fits their children’s unique needs with minimal interference from the government. Those that are found guilty of abusing children, regardless of the educational setting, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The cherry picking of news stories about abusive families is meant to influence policymakers and the public to take radical action against homeschooling. We should share the success of homeschooling with our family, friends and policymakers so that they hear from parents—the real “coalition for responsible home education.”

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