Could you imagine that a race for office in the Texas Senate and House can be decided by one homeschool family? While this might sound extreme, it is nearly true. And it is proof of how the THSC Rangers program is vital to future elections.

We recently heard a funny story from the last election cycle involving our good friend, State Representative Briscoe Cain of Deer Park (near Houston). He won the 2016 election by an extremely small margin.

A homeschool mother in Rep. Cain’s district had a birthday on Election Day, and as her gift, she asked all of her children to stand at the polls in support of Cain and, if they were old enough, to vote for him.

Representative Cain won the election by just 23 votes. This slim margin made us realize that, quite possibly, one homeschool family could change the course of an election.

Additionally, THSC friends State Representative Matt Rinaldi and Senator Bob Hall both won their races with very slim margins, 92 votes and 300 votes, respectively, that could be attributed to homeschool support and grassroots efforts in their districts.

How Your Homeschool Family Can Also Make a Difference

Do you want to challenge homeschool families to get plugged into local politics and elections? Do you want to help elect conservative leaders to office by securing those few additional votes that just might make the difference in preserving our rights and liberties?

THSC is partnering with homeschool parents and homeschool groups all across the state to start THSC Rangers Clubs. These clubs are comprised of students who want to serve on campaigns, engage in the local politics and protect homeschool freedom.

To start one of these impactful clubs, your homeschool family only needs three things:

  1. Two hours of time per week — we know your time is valuable.
  2. A place to meet — this could be a church, home or school.
  3. A group of conservative, like-minded homeschool friends.

Partner with THSC today to start one of these clubs, and you might be the next family to make a difference in a conservative, homeschool-friendly public servant winning an election against all odds.

Fill out this form today to receive more information about starting a THSC Rangers Club in your area of the state! Join THSC in Keeping Texas Families Free!

THSC Rangers: Can a Homeschool Family Decide an Election?