Fall is officially here, though, in most of Texas it is a little hard to comprehend. But I promise that cooler temperatures are coming.



Descending leaves fall to the ground,
Twirling, twisting, round and round,
Autumn season is almost here,
The smell of freshness is oh so near.

The crisp, cool breeze,
Shakes the leaves from the trees,
Autumn takes away the green,
Golden-bronze and brown is all that can be seen.
© Ryan Larkin

Are you scrambling for class ideas for your next semester classes? Do you panic for just a moment when you send out a request for teachers to submit their class ideas, and wonder if you will have enough classes? Do you have willing teachers who just need some ideas to get started on the next favorite class for the semester? Sit back with your pumpkin-flavored everything and ponder the list of some class ideas for your next semester choices.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of classes that make a nice addition to the lineup. Here are some great homeschool co-op ideas for your school year!

Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas

Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas


The Home

  • Beginning needlepoint
  • Beginning cooking
  • Basic home repairs
  • Container gardening
  • Nature crafts
  • Wood shop, string art
  • Nutrition and cooking.

Career Pursuits

  • Career studies
  • Simple mechanics
  • Simple circuits
  • Product testing and comparisons / marketing study.

Get Active!

  • Improv Drama
  • Praise and Worship Choir / music classes
  • Relays and races
  • Stretch and movement class (for younger students).


  • History unit study
  • Literature unit study
  • Science or dissection
  • Magic School Bus science
  • Escape room science
  • Book studies (Jan Brett, Eric Carle, Caldecott Medal Winners, Newbery Medal Winners)
  • Children around the world (Window on the World)
  • Government unit study (Lone Star Study is free to THSC members).

This list should jump-start your thought process as your team decides what to add to the fall schedule. Do you need more homeschool ideas? Here are 29 more ideas for the fall school year. Check out Pinterest as well!

Have you tried some classes that went really well for your group? Please share the classes that your family has enjoyed and benefited from in the comments section of this blog!

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