Home School Leaders Need Summertime Too

Summer is almost here, and most of our home school groups enjoy the summer off! For you, as a leader, it’s time for quiet mornings on the deck with your morning coffee and your Bible study.  Maybe you prefer sipping an ice-cold lemonade and enjoying warm afternoons, blissfully listening to your children playing in the backyard while the sound of a distant lawnmower lulls you into a nap . . . .

But wait! You are a home school group leader, and that means it’s time for getting ready for next semester!

I have visited with many home school group leaders over the past few months, and I thought I’d share ideas I’ve gathered to save you trouble and hopefully get you some much needed time off!

Here are some ideas:

  1. THSC Lone Star Study (available in your member benefits for THSC members)
  2. Team Building/Field Day classes, using team building activities and games
  3. Science explorations such as Extreme Weather, Unusual Animals, Cool Concoctions, Edible Science, and Biomes habitats
  4. Apologia Science Courses, Exploring Creation with . . .
  5. Foreign Language
  6. Sign Language
  7. Essay Writing
  8. Creative Writing
  9. Journalism
  10. Yearbook
  11. Photography
  12. Great Artists
  13. Art
  14. Painting
  15. Drama
  16. Home Budget 101
  17. Cooking
  18. PE
  19. Calligraphy
  20. Read, Write, and Draw through History
  21. State study/State history
  22. Regional study of geography/history (America, Middle East, Europe, etc.)
  23. Cooking
  24. Cake/cupcake decorating
  25. Making doll accessories
  26. Knights and Castles
  27. Math games
  28. Crochet/knitting
  29. Beginning sewing

One thing leaders have in common is a full schedule! I’d love for us to share and simplify this planning process so we can all go into the summer relaxed, and know that our next semester is planned. Then we can resume that dreamy plan of enjoying our summer.

Share the wealth . . . add ideas in the comments and remember to share the post!

What has worked for your group? What new ideas are you working on?

A Couple of Extra Resources

Remember, THSC members enjoy extra benefits:

  • An easily accessible curriculum called Lone Star Study
  • Membership discount when an annual membership is purchased from THSC. (Home school group must be affiliated with THSC). Group members can enter their home school group name in the home school group search box and then select the group they are a member of from the list.

Along with offering you these member benefits, you can know you are a part of how THSC is Keeping Texas Families Free. Not a member? Join THSC today!