Hard-Won Homeschool Freedom

What does homeschool freedom mean to you?

Home school laws in Texas provide freedom that few in the world experience. Texas leads the fight for parents maintaining control of the education of their children.

What does this freedom mean?

Freedom to homeschool can mean different things to each family:

  • To teach children the way each child learns best
  • To educate children reflecting their own worldview
  • To protect children from objectionable material being pushed through public schools
  • To ensure children receive an all-around first class education

We all have different reasons for treasuring the freedom to homeschool. What is yours?

Why is it that Texas homeschoolers have so much freedom?

If you have seen THSC’s Keeping Texas Family Free video, you know home schooling in Texas hasn’t always been free. The only reason we have such freedom now is because we have fought for it tooth and nail. We fought hard and we won – but that fight isn’t over. Every year, new menaces raise their ugly heads and it’s up to us to protect what is ours.

Have you thought about what you can do to help defend those rights?

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Homeschool Grad: Get Involved and Apply for the 2017 THSC Watchmen!

Every legislative session, THSC recruits a team of home school graduates to protect and defend our rights. As the THSC Watchmen, these home school graduates head to Austin for the legislative session. This all-expenses-paid internship is ideal for home school graduates who want to make a difference in our state and put some great experience on their resume in the process!

What has the team done?

In 2013 and 2015 the THSC Watchmen had tremendous success.

In 2013, SB 768 (a bill which would have had catastrophic consequences for Texas families) was being rammed through the legislature by the Austin establishment despite serious objections from multiple parties. However, the 2013 Watchmen teamed up with conservative champion Jonathan Stickland and succeeded in killing the bill before it passed!

In 2015, the THSC Watchmen encountered SB 219. Buried in 2,000 pages of the bill was an error in the wording which (unbeknownst to the bill’s author) could have removed some of the most basic protections for families. After catching the error, the 2015 Watchmen met with the bill author who agreed to change the wording thereby protecting your rights.

Successes like these have marked much of the work that the THSC Watchmen have done over the past several years.

Do you want to join the team?

In 2017, the next class of Watchmen will continue this legacy. If you are a graduating or recently graduated home school student, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

To read the details of this opportunity, visit THSC.org/watchmen. If you know someone that will be a recent home school graduate or will be graduated by January 2017, please share this opportunity with them!

2 Steps to Actively Keeping Texas Families Free:

  1. Request an application for yourself (or your graduating students)
  2. Tell your friends!
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Our home schooling freedom depends on us fighting for our rights. What does home schooling freedom mean to you? Let us know in the comments!

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