About Valerie Bolieu

Valerie Bolieu is a daughter of the one true King! She is a support group leader of a South Texas co-op group in the south Houston/Clear Lake area and works as a customer relations and support group leader specialist with THSC. She loves the Lord and her four kids with all of her heart. Valerie has been homeschooling for 19 years; two of her children have graduated and two are still being homeschooled. Valerie enjoys serving in ministry whether it is with church, homeschool group or work with THSC. She also loves outdoor activities and spending time with her kids.

2018 South Texas Leader of the Year


Congratulations to Belinda LeBlanc (2018 South Texas Leader of the Year) By: Valerie Bolieu and Belinda LeBlanc I am pleased to announce the 2018 South Texas Leader of the Year: Belinda LeBlanc! THSC received many [...]

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