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Nancy Dillard is a former school teacher and musician who describes herself as a Christian, conservative, Reagan Republican. She has been active in Texas politics since 1986 in local, county, and state campaigns and elections as well as serving as an election judge. Her early involvement included leadership in Christian Coalition, local GOP women’s clubs, and other organizations. She has received many awards and commendations from county and state organizations during her many years of political activism and volunteer service.

How a Tragic Crash Impacted this Homeschool Family’s Story


As we approach the close of 2016, THSC is preparing to return to the state capital to continue defending home school and parental rights with the new THSC Watchmen team of six interns and several THSC staff. Earlier this month, we introduced the 2017 THSC Watchmen team. We asked Meagan Corser to share some of her thoughts on why participating in the THSC Watchmen program and defending parental rights in Austin is important to her as a home school graduate.

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The most dangerous place for a homeschool family…


The fight for parental rights is an ongoing battle in which we must constantly be engaged. Since the Leeper decision, there have been many advances of home schooling freedom, not only in Texas, but throughout the country. Statistics collected nationwide over the last decade have shown that parent taught home education is no longer considered “fringe,” but is more and more accepted as mainstream.

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Citizenship: Get Behind the Scenes of Texas Politics


The most effective learning environment is experience-based studying. One of the requirements for home schooling in Texas is teaching good citizenship which is best done through on-the-job training, but many parents just don’t know how to do this. THSC provides support for this crucial qualification through the THSC Ranger program.

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How to Get Your Ideas Heard


Precinct conventions: what they are and why YOU should participate

What is a precinct convention? Well, I am so glad that you asked.

As you know, it is very important to vote so that your opinions can be measured on issues and  heard, hopefully loud and clear, by candidates and elected officials. In a primary election year, such as we are currently in, voting is the first very important step.

But Voting Isn’t All You Can Do

The next step is often overlooked and is truly a citizen’s perfect opportunity to let his or her concerns be known through experiencing a “hands on” opportunity to make a difference in the political system.
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How to Register to Vote (Deadline is Approaching Fast)


There are many citizens of this state and country who are eligible to vote but do not bother to register. Every citizen of the United States over the age of 18 is eligible to register and vote.

Voting is a valuable right that you have as an American. Many take that right for granted . . . even the politicians. In the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections, a wave of voter reaction shook up both major political parties, changed the majority party in Congress, and made the politicians keenly aware that “we the people” were tired of inaction and “business as usual.”

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