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She was only six years old

The Texas Home School Coalition is the only organization in Texas to take up arms and draft legislation to stop this lawsuit abuse made possible by a loophole in the [...]

The Miraculous Death of SB 768

This is a story of vigilance, a zombie bill that wouldn’t die, and the courage of one man who stood in the doorway of truth and held back the forces of evil. Most of all, this is the story of God’s faithfulness.

THSC Saves Family Money

Insurance declared home school grades don’t qualify for good student discount but THSC steps in.

THSC Informs VA of Texas Laws

The Department of Veterans Affairs threatened to discontinue benefits for a Texas home schooler unless the parents submitted evidence of school attendance.

No High School Diploma, No Job?

A former homeschool student applied for a position with Harris County and told her that her home school diploma was not acceptable.

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