Members of THSC are the source of our strength as a defender of parental rights in Texas. In turn, we provide many exclusive benefits, including:

  • Free legal assistance in Texas with problems related to home education
  • Access to a THSC members-only CPS hotline, with direct access to attorney consultation in the event of an emergency
  • Free adult registration to both THSC Conventions: Arlington and The Woodlands
  • Digital copies of the Texas Home School Handbook and Lone Star Study (updated in 2016)
  • Student and teacher photo ID cards
  • Instant customized diplomas
  • Grade school report card and high school transcript templates
  • Discounts from select home school providers
  • Special needs support and a new IEP generator (coming soon)!

As a coalition impacting over 100,000 Texas homeschool families and with a staff and volunteer network of hundreds all with home schooling experience in Texas, THSC connects and provides your family with an invaluable wealth of information and support.

Intervening for Members

Even in Texas homeschoolers still encounter problems with unlawful requirements and bias. In many cases, THSC Association intervenes on behalf of its members with letters clarifying Texas law. The following recent interventions exemplify the success of this method.

Denied child support payments because of homeschooling: How did it turn out?
Holding SSA Accountable to Its Own Policies
THSC Intervention Story: A Triple Home Run for This Family

Join THSC to unlock these exclusive benefits and actively fight with us to protect family and parental rights.