Filing for a divorce is traumatic enough on a family without the difficulty that comes with setting up child support. Imagine that after going through an agonizing divorce you are informed by the state that your child support payments are ending because your student is homeschooled and turning 18.

Even in the wake of the landmark case Leeper v. Arlington I.S.D., which held that homeschools are legal as a type of private school, homeschools are often still treated differently by certain sectors of government.

THSC Reminds Child Support Division Of State Law

Recently, a THSC member family was told that, because her son was turning 18, her child support payments would be canceled unless she provided proof of her son’s education to the Texas Attorney General’s (AG) Office. Despite homeschools being a legal form of education in Texas, her child support payments were canceled on November 11, 2018.

Texas law clearly states that child support payments can continue beyond the age of 18 if the child is still enrolled in school. Nonetheless, homeschool families often find themselves in this exact situation when the government employee handling the case is unaware of the law.

THSC sent the AG’s office a letter on January 11, 2019, reminding them of the family’s right to continuing receiving child support payments under the law. Shortly thereafter, the family once again began to receive their child support payments.

Although antagonistic government officials certainly exist, often, the real problem is simply ignorance of the law. In 2018, THSC assisted 13 member families whose child support payments were incorrectly terminated.

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