Sometimes, it feels like everything and everyone is against you. No matter where you turn or what you depend on, it all seems to betray you. For Caroline and her daughter Jasmine, this nightmare became a reality.

Jasmine had been homeschooled for six years and had recently reached her senior year. Like many other high school seniors, she would turn 18 during the school year before her graduation.

What set Jasmine apart, however, was the correspondence her family received on December 31, 2018. The letter informed her that due to her upcoming birthday on March 4, 2019, the benefits that she and her family received would be stopped unless she filled out forms verifying her enrollment in secondary school.

From Social Security benefits to child support to VA benefits, Jasmine and her family relied heavily on the financial support that they received to make ends meet. Suddenly, not one, not two, but all three of those sources dried up in an instant.

These benefits are required to continue until a child graduates from high school. Jasmine was still being homeschooled but the government continued to withhold her benefits anyway. The family had nowhere to turn for help and they needed an advocate.

That’s when they found THSC. Some THSC members don’t realize that along with our educational resources we also provide assistance to homeschoolers in need. In fact, THSC’s advocacy services are among the most used member benefits. The family contacted us with a request for help.

We sent letters to all of these agencies and appealed their decisions. The gears of the law ground slowly but all benefits were restored to Caroline and her daughter by April 1.

THSC loves families and we want to serve you! Join THSC today and take advantage of our member benefits just like Caroline and Jasmine. Together, we are Keeping Texas Families Free!

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